In my final year at Sheridan college, my thesis focused on women in mythology; specifically the study of the goddess and her representation and symbolism in ancient cultures. Years following graduation, I continue to read, study and explore women in mythology which remains my central focus of inspiration for self driven projects.


Hecate; the Greek  Goddess of Magic & Witchcraft. Also associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, the moon, night, death, ghosts and hell hounds.
Hel; the Norse Goddess of death and the underworld, included is an example of simple motion design. Prints are available on my INPRNT.

Mythological Horses

A mythical horse commission I had the privilege of working on, including the nightmare, thestral, kelpie, unicorn, pegasus and hippocampus.
(Plus a couple of bonus Rapidash, for fun.)

Zodiac Series

A series of characters based on the Zodiac that I completed for Inktober. Inspired by high fashion and haute couture.. with a dark, witchy-twist of course. Taurus was inspired by Royal Black Couture. Cancer was inspired by Iris Van Herpen. Prints are available on my INPRNT.


A commissioned piece of Mithras, the Iranian god of the sun, justice, contract, and war.  Featuring Mithras slaying the bull, also known as tauroctony

Femme Fatale

My main focus for 2020/2021 was developing the third instalment of my original comic book Femme Fatale, however it has since evolved into a comprehensive encyclopedia/art book featuring over 75+ deadly women in mythology, legend and lore. The book will include the ladies featured in the previous 2 volumes with more facts, information and updated artwork.  Progress is ongoing with writing and research complete, and approx. 70% of the illustrations complete. The goal is to have it complete by the end of 2025. Below are some previews.