Educational Illustration & Motion Design

Various examples of Educational Illustration for Motion Graphics, including some of my work on Crash Course - an educational YouTube channel.

Crash Course Mythology

I had the privledge of Art Directing the entire Crash Course Mythology series; overseeing art, managing team deadlines and annotating scripts for on-screen animation sequences, including some storyboarding and layout design for animation.
Lead Illustrator: Jess Leung. Animator: Cody Brown.

I was also Lead Illustrator on Crash Course Kids, Philosophy, Computer Science, Statistics, and some of the Theatre series.

ETFO Workplace Safety

A workplace safety video for ETFO (Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario).
Illustration: Nikkie Stinchcombe. Animation: Matthew Loreto.

History By the Numbers

Layout Artist/Designer for History By The Numbers Series for the Smithsonian Channel.
Read more about the series here!


Some boards I did for Kurzgesagt (In A Nutshell), an educational channel on YouTube.
Boards were subsequently layered and prepped for motion design/animation.