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Book, Zine & Anthology

A collection of illustrations I've done for various independant Books, Zines and Anthology publications. 

​Cybersix (Left)
My piece for the Cartoon Girls Zine Vol 2 ~ 90's edition. A celebration of cartoon girls

from the nineties - I chose the heroine Cybersix as a personal childhood favourite. Proceeds from this project were donated to the YoungArts Foundation, an

organization that fosters creativity and artistic opportunity for young people. ​2019.

A photograph of a printed copy of the book "90's Babes" featuring the interior page of the character "Cybersix".
The cover image for 'The Up To No Good Club' book, which features five women positioned at the bottom centre, striking iconic dance poses.

The Up To No Good Club By Jane Wilson
My illustration featured on the cover of Jane Wilson's book "The Up To No Good Club: Defining Your Life With Strength And Swagger". 2021.
Graphic Design by: Page Two Publishing.

Jane Wilson has taught over 10,000 people to feel strong, bold, and confident. As a former owner of PoleFit Nation, she spent over a decade teaching pole, fitness and heels dance classes while encouraging women to flip their hair, bang their heels, and love their curves. To grab yourself a copy or read more about Jane, visit here: 

The mock-up for 'The Up To No Good Club' book, which features five women positioned at the bottom centre, striking iconic dance poses.

Our Stories In STEM Feat. Dr. Sara Mazrouei
My piece featuring Dr. Sara Mazrouei, a Canadian Planetary Scientist, Communicator, and Educator. "Our Stories in STEM" is a 8 x 10" hardcover book, featuring the stories of 40 amazing Canadian women in STEM and a colourful portrait for each of them created by 40 talented Canadian female artists. All profits from the book will be donated to organizations supporting young readers. ​2020.

- Featured in Grilled Cheese Magazine, March 2021.

An illustrated colourful portrait of Sara Mazrouei blended in a way that transcends her into outer-space
Furr 2

Furr Vol 2

2 of 4 pages I did for Furr Vol 2 Talbuilt Comics, an independent Anthology publication based in Montreal featuring comics and illustrations about artists' relationships with their pets. A percentage of proceeds went to the Montreal SPCA. Cover by Isabelle Arne. 


TeamVALOR copy_edited.jpg
IMG_0579 copy_edited.jpg

Team Valor
My piece for the Pokemon GO charity zine; a non-profit 3 volume zine featuring illustrations from each team: Valor, Mystic and Instinct. All proceeds went to Child's Play Charity. 2016.

1,001 Knights
My pieces for the 1,001 Knights Anthology. 1001 Knights is a massive

3-volume anthology project focusing on creating people-positive characters with feminist overtones. Over the course of 3 volumes, 250+ artists explore themes about what it means to be a knight and what makes for a strong character through illustration, comics, poetry, and prose. My characters were inspired by female knights (of course), magical girls and feminine villains like Nui Harime and Seraphina (Disgaea), whose badass, ruthless and often violent personalities are in total contrast with their appearance. 2015.