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Shipping Information & Shop Policies

❤ Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I ship worldwide! 

As of 2021 I can no longer ship to the UK from my website due to new VAT Regulations.

UK Customers can shop via Etsy (limited stock is available). If you'd like to place an order with access to the full catalogue of pins please e-mail or DM me a screenshot of your shopping cart. I will no longer be adding individual pins to Etsy by request. 


How long does shipping take?

I ship every *SUNDAY* (because I live 100 yrs from the post office). Sunday cut-off time is typically 10AM (EST), however despite my best effort, I may not always be able to accommodate same-day orders. Most packages come with tracking, excluding small paper products such as stickers, or the $5 shipping tier for local mail (indicated as untracked). Once your order arrives at the post office *Standard Delivery Estimates are as follows:

United States: 3-5 business days.
Canada: 5-10 business days.
United Kingdom: 8-10 business days.
International: 15-30 business days. 


*These are general estimates, and delays are expected during peak seasonal volume such as Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day, etc. Please understand these delays are completely out of my control and I greatly appreciate your patience during this time.


*Some international packages may take up to 3 months to arrive (it's rare, but a few packages destined to Brazil, Israel & China have experienced these delays). For destinations to Brazil, please include your CPF Tax number for quicker customs release! Read more about it here


How much does shipping cost?

I use Flat Rate shipping, so shipping prices remain the same no matter the quantity! Shipping prices vary by country as well as your preferred shipping method (if applicable). Please add a pin to your cart and proceed to checkout in order to view shipping options and costs before placing an order. :)

Tracking Information, Delays and Customs

As much as I'd love to have full control over the postal system to ensure your packages arrive as quickly as humanly possible, I do not. Once packages leave my hands I have no control or responsibility over significant pauses or delays incurred by the postal system. Most often these types of delays effect international destinations and are usually due to weather disruption, high volume, or customs inspection. Customs inspection can be an especially lengthy process and packages can sit waiting to be inspected for several weeks. Customs fees incurred at the border are also completely out of my control. Each country has different regulations surrounding customs duties and taxes so I cannot predict these fees beforehand. If you're watching your tracking and have noticed a long pause or delay in updates please contact the shipping company indicated in your Shipping Confirmation e-mail first using the tracking number provided. 


Express Shipping


If you need your order sooner than the estimated arrival times above please contact me before placing your order and I can send you express postage estimates. :)

Lost or Damaged Packages

In most cases of lost or damaged packages *with tracking* I can replace your package for you. Please allow 30 days since the last tracking update to start the refund/replacement process.

In cases where the item was left unclaimed, customs fees were refused or the address was entered incorrectly I will not be able to replace your package free of charge. Please watch your tracking closely for these reasons! Canadian and US packages that are sent back to me are subject to a new shipping fee, plus a $5 return fee. International returns are disposed of by the postal service and will require an entirely new order and shipping fee.

Packages marked as delivered; if the tracking information indicates delivery but you have not received anything, please contact your local post office to start an enquiry. If they are unable to help please contact me and we can work something out.

Any lost/damaged mail for untracked shipments will not be replaced since they are not insured.

❤ Lost or Damaged Products

Lost or stolen products incurred after purchase and successful delivery are not my responsibility. If you are planning to wear your pin I suggest purchasing locking pin-backs for the best security. Rubber pin-backs are great for gentle use, but the risk of the pin falling off is not impossible and I cannot provide free replacements. Similarly I cannot insure jump rings on keychains; the possibility of a jump ring bending and detaching is also not impossible and I cannot provide free replacements for lost parts.

Please handle your new pins and keychains with utmost care to ensure their safety and security.


Metal enamel pins and keychains are very durable, however consistent exposure to sharp objects or rain/water will eventually damage the plating - this is considered normal wear and tear and will not be replaced.


General tarnish on enamel plating is normal since the plating is similar to jewelry. Light tarnish can be removed by rubbing the area using the natural oils on your fingers. For heavier tarnish I prefer a polishing cloth, otherwise polishing creams or household DIYs online have been successful.

I find rose-gold and silver plated metal tarnishes more quickly than gold. 


Enamel Pin Grading (What are Standard Grade/B-Grade/C-Grade Pins?)


The process of making enamel pins is achieved with complex machinery as well as by hand. Because of this pins are subject to human error. In most cases these errors are very small, but below I outline my personal grading system. Other artists may have different standards and it is to their own discretion how they grade their pins. (Some artists don't grade at all!)

Standard Enamel Pins are not perfect - I do not sell "A-Grade" or "Collectors Edition" pins for this reason. I try to give you the best, most flawless pin as possible, however tiny dots/dust, slightly under/overfilled enamel, or single scratches in the metal measuring no more than 1-2mm may be visible - and are only visible when tilted. 

B-Grade Enamel Pins typically have flaws including but not limited to small dark specks, dark streaking, missing enamel fill or overfill, stained metal surface, small scratches, or slightly misaligned screen printing. These imperfections aren't very visible unless brought close to the viewer for inspection and won't be very noticeable from a distance. 

C-Grade Enamel Pins have noticeable flaws, and usually more than one; including but not limited to small dark specks, dark streaking, missing enamel fill or overfill, wrong enamel colour in some areas, stained metal surface or scratches, and/or misaligned screen printing. 

Do you do custom enamel pins/keychains or take requests?

I certainly consider every request I get~ especially for specific tricks and poses! :)
If you're looking to have a pin designed specifically based on *YOU*, I do not take requests, but am open to collaborative commissions for wholesale orders. These are ideal for Pole Dancing Influencers, Clothing Brands or Pole Studios who have their own shop and can sell half of the enamel pins/keychains themselves.

I cannot make a single custom pin.

Manufacturers require a MOQ (minimum order quantity) of 100 pieces and I would need at least 2-3 months from sketch to final product. You would be responsible for partial/full manufacturing costs, as well as the design and illustration costs I would provide. If you're still interested please get in touch!

Below are some examples of collaborations I've done;


Keychains in collaboration with Anastasia Skukhtorova (left) & Creatures of XIX Fox Box (right)

Can you customize existing enamel pins/keychains?

If you're looking for a single customized pin, no. If you're looking for a large wholesale order, yes.

Metal pins and keychains are made using a custom built steel mold; so unfortunately I cannot make pins "a little bigger" or "a little smaller". Similarly I cannot make "an existing design, but with brown hair" since the colouring process is lengthy and complicated. After the mold is complete, and the pins have been cast and trimmed, a large batch of paint is hand mixed to fill the recessed portions of metal, it's subsequently baked in an industrial oven, electroplated using chemical baths (like any jewelry),  and polished using a polishing/buffing machine. MOQ (minimum order quantity) are required to make the process efficient and less wasteful; often at least 100 pcs are required.

Can you make enamel pins into keychains and vice versa?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to turn pins into keychains/key rings. Since the enamel pins have no hole in the metal for a key ring to go through, it would require a new mold, printing process and MOQ to include the hole. Likewise, since the keychains have no metal posts adhered to the back, you would not be able to pin it to anything (but maybe there are DIY tutorials online).

Is there anywhere else I can buy your products?

Pole Dancing Studios who have/had carried my pins include:

  • Redefine Fitness (Toronto, Canada)

  • Live It Up Pole Fitness (Markham, Canada)

  • Mountain Valley Pole Fitness (British Columbia, Canada)

  • Ascendance Pole & Aerial Arts (Washington, USA)

  • Floorplay Studio (Delaware, USA)

  • Happy Kiss Pole Fitness (Florida, USA)

  • Gemini Aerial Studio (Hong Kong, China)

  • Candy Pole Studio (Hong Kong, China)

  • Aromatic Pole Studio (Hong Kong, China)

  • Pole Bunny NZ (New Zealand)

  • Adore Pole Flow & Fitness (Australia)

  • Featured in PoleBoxx November Subscription Box (2020)

  • Featured in Polespired Subscription Box (2021)

  • Featured in Creatures of XIX Fox Box September Subscription (2021)

  • Featured in PoleBoxx December Subscription Box (2021)

  • Featured in PoleBoxx December Subscription Box (2022)

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