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Sailor Moon Paper Pieces

A series of hand-cut paper pieces featuring Sailor Moon for gallery tribute shows.

​Sailor Moon Original Transformation
A tribute to the one and only Sailor Moon!
In lieu of all the pop culture gallery tribute shows revolving around Sailor Moons' 20th Anniversary I was inspired to make a piece of my own. Made out of layered hand-cut paper... and half a feather.


- Featured in Hashtag Gallery's Cult Classics Show, 2014.
- Featured on, 2015. (Page 2)
- Featured on BuzzFeed DIY, 2016.



Sailor Moon Super Transformation (Sold)

Made for the Moon Prism Power Exhibition: A Sailor Moon Tribute Show at Galallery in San Francisco, California. A sequel to my very first Sailor Moon paper piece in 2014 which portrayed Sailor Moon's original transformation. This piece was inspired by her upgraded "Super" Sailor Moon transformation. Made out of layered hand-cut paper. The large wings and some of the smaller butterflies were made using a transparent iridescent vinyl laminate on top of transparent vellum paper. The small butterflies were made using a punch, but everything else was hand-cut using scissors or an xacto knife. 2016.