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Mystery Mermaid Pole Dancing Pin (Blind Bag)

Mystery Mermaid Pole Dancing Pin (Blind Bag) Includes:


♡ x1 Holographic Resealable/Reusable Bag

♡ x1 Holographic Mermaid Sticker (waterproof, weatherproof, 1-2 year outdoor use!)

♡ x1 Folded Card Backing featuring the art of all the possible mermaid designs

♡ x1 Gold or Silver Plated Hard Enamel Mermaid Pin (2" tall x ~1" wide w/ two rubber backings)

♡ Red & Blue Hair mermaid pins are available in my shop, so they won’t appear in the blind bags sold online in order to decrease the chance of duplicates! If you’re buying on my website, you’ll receive 1 of the 7 rare mermaid pins! 💖 These designs will not be reprinted.


What's a Blind Bag?


Blind bags (also referred to as surprise packs or surprise toys) involve small and collectible pins hidden inside opaque packaging. The design you receive will be a surprise!


Seconds Sale! (aka B-Grades) pins contain small imperfections such as small dark specks, dark streaking, missing enamel fill or overfill, stained metal surface or scratches. These imperfections aren't very noticeable unless brought right up to the viewer for closer inspection and won't be noticeable from a distance. 

Mystery Mermaid Pole Dancing Pin (Blind Bag)

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