Gargoyle Pole Dancing Enamel Pin

A super spooky pole dancer performing the trick "Gargoyle"! The perfect accessory to celebrate new successes on your pole journey! Or to simply express your passion for pole AND Halloween!


♡ Measures 2" tall x ~2" wide
♡ Hard Enamel with Shiny Black Nickel Plating 
♡ Two super secure rubber backings


*Standard Grade pins are pictured in the first image,
B-Grade & C-Grade pins are pictured in the last two images (flaws will vary).
Notable Difference: Standard Pins have smoother lines and uniform greys.


Seconds Sale! (aka B-Grade) pins contain small imperfections such as small dark specks, dark streaking, missing enamel fill or overfill, stained metal surface or scratches. These imperfections aren't very noticeable unless brought right up to the viewer for closer inspection and won't be noticeable from a distance.


C-Grade pins have noticeable flaws.

Gargoyle Pole Dancing Enamel Pin


    All Artworks © 2020 Nikkie Stinchcombe. Images may not be used without written permission.