Femme Fatale Vol 1 - (Comic/Zine)

Femme Fatale is a collection of 10 different myths from all over the world featuring seductive yet deadly ladies. ; ) Each story ranges from single pages, to 2-3 page spreads, totalling 20 pages of lovely tonal illustrations. Some of the myths included in the book are: the Peg Powler, the Deer Lady, the Chedipe, Yuki-Onna, Banshee, the Mermaid, the Succubus and more! 

Professionally printed & saddle bound on smooth bond paper and light cardstock for the cover.
Book measures 5x7 inches.

Please make a note if you'd like it signed! :)

Note: Because printers and computer monitors differ, colours may very.

Femme Fatale Vol 1 - (Comic/Zine)