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In my fourth and final year at Sheridan, my illustrative thesis revolved around women in mythology, specifically the study of the goddess and her representation and symbolism

in ancient cultures. These are pieces from both my thesis and pieces that came

post-graduation, from my on-going exploration of the goddess.

Hecate (Left)
Hecate~ the Goddess of Magic & Witchcraft. Also associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, the moon, night, death, ghosts and hell hounds. Prints are available here! 2020.

Hel Goddess Of Death

My submission for the Character Design Challenge. 

The theme for March was Norse Gods so I did the Norse Goddess of death, Hel... But more couture. 2020.
Animation by Nathan Langdon.

Egyptian Goddesses

A Collection of Commissioned & Personal Studies. 2014-2015.