Femme Fatale Vol 3

My main focus for 2019 was developing the third installment of my comic/zine Femme Fatale. (Currently on hiatus). Left and below are character concepts and explorative illustrations for fun.

The Rusalka (Left & Below)
The Rusalka - deadly, mythological water nymphs from Russia. This was an exclusive stationery pack, only available on Patreon, to launch and introduce the third installment of my comic series, Femme Fatale.

Featured in the Fantasia Gallery Exhibit at Joshua Creek Art Centre in Oakville, ON. (2019).

The Nixie

Early concepts of the Nixie; Deadly shapeshifting water spirits in Germanic mythology and folklore who usually appeared in the form of other creatures.


In Norse mythology, a valkyrie is one of a host of female figures who

choose those who may die in battle and those who may live. 

All Artworks © 2020 Nikkie Stinchcombe. Images may not be used without written permission.